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Whether you know exactly what you want in your landscape, or you need some help in crafting your landscape design, the experienced Staff at Grass Choppers Lawn & Landscaping Designs will ensure your home’s curb appeal is top-notch.  Some of the landscape elements we frequently implement for our clients include…

Stone provides for decoration in planting beds, pathways, as well as full yard spreads in certain landscape designs.  There are many varieties of stone available, including the popular blue stone, red barn stone, delaware rounds, atlantic shore rounds, and rose marble chips. 
In addition to providing an attractive finished look to beds and gardens, mulch prevents weed growth and improves root growth for plantings.  Various types of mulch are available, including a cedar blend, brown bark mulch, and a natural hardwood mulch.  Popular color-enhanced mulch is also available in redwood, brown, and black colors. 
Have an instant lawn installed in a day, rather than waiting years for seeding to take hold.  We install the popular certified bluegrass sod.  Once it is installed all you need to do is water, mow and fertilize it and it will remain a healthy, green carpet of grass requiring minimum maintenance. 
Whether your goal is simply aesthetics or privacy, we can help include bushes, trees, and plants into your landscape design.  Hundreds of varieties are available, featuring shade, ornamental, flowering, and evergreen. 

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